Welcome To The
Igo Ono Community Services District

The IOCSD Monthly Board Meeting

IOCSD Board Meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday of the month. 

Location: Igo Ono Community Church.

The Agenda can be found right  here.

The Igo Ono Community Service District
Who We Are

The IOCSD Community Services District is a California Special District operated by a five seat Board of Directors.

The Board seats are filled by an all volunteer group of five individuals, voted to their seats on a rotating basis every 2 years.via county elections, by voters living within the District.

Each and every member of the Board is committed to keeping ag water flowing to their customers and their community.   Not as easy as it sounds, not always pretty, but it gets done.

The District has one employee, who is responsible for ditch operations and upkeep.

Board Member info HERE.

The Igo Ono Community Service District
What We Do

The Igo Ono Community Services District (IOCSD) delivers ag water to it's customers along the 17 miles of 100+ year old irrigation ditch system running through the Igo-Ono community.

Current operations are managed by the Board:

- The Rainbow Lake Reservoir and Misslebeck Dam, built in XXXX
- A 1.25 mile tunnel bored through solid bedrock in XXXX
- 17 miles of irrigation canal ending at Igo (basically).  
- XX sand traps ?
- XX takeouts ?